Saturday, October 16, 2010

Alien 2 On Earth– Artwork

When we formed Midnight Legacy, we continuously discussed quality and remaining true to the films and their original material. I support this completely, and I am dedicated to providing the best visual representation possible.

Let me address the unique situation regarding the cover art for "Alien 2 On Earth". This is the first of many titles Midnight Legacy will pull from obscurity. The artwork available was limited to old foreign posters using screen captures as well as an illustrated poster inspired by "Blood on Satan's Claw". After careful consideration we collectively decided that it was in the best interest of the release to work up a new cover.

It is not my desire to create new artwork or a more contemporary look. We also would never want the lack of proper art material to keep us from our goal; unearthing, restoring, and preserving these films. It just so happened that right out of the gate we were playing a balancing act of creating a new cover that represents a film produced in 1980, without taking it too far. I hope everyone is pleased with the results.

It is my promise to go to any lengths to ensure that the artwork for each Midnight Legacy release represents the films properly.

The best is yet to come.


  1. Dudes!
    That cover art is easily the best in a long time! It captures a mood and mysticism far better than some of the art seen on other releases published these past years. I won't get into pointing fingers, but I like simple, intriguing and effective, not arty farty fuckaroos to showcase some new photoshop plugin... and I'm a big fan of neat minimalism!

    After all, I'd look at it as if these movies are for fans who already know what it is, but want an definitive version of the movie. Sure extra features and fancy artwork may be a bonus, but I think we stopped appreciating real cover artwork when CD tried to kill off Vinyl - remember gawking over all those metal albums and their stunning artwork! Well you can't do that with a CD of a downloaded mp3, so it's kind of a dead art form.

    Anyway a lot of "fans" don't know who the fuck all the artists who created all those glorious poster images are anyway - even if it should be mandatory before getting into the genre - so Hell Yeah, your artwork is beautiful and nails the atmosphere of Alien2 on Earth. Like said previously, minimalistic, but still with lots of detail if you know the movie. And at the end of the day it's the goddamned movie that's the reason to buy a disc, not the picture on the sleeve.

    Now I'm gonna go order me a bluray player as of now so that I can waste more time and space cheering these releases on instead of deeming them dumb, bad and worthless.

    Keep up the excellent work, thanks for finally making BluRay interesting by avoiding the obvious rereleases of the same old stuff that's out there already once again!


  2. CiNEZiLLA/Jason!

    Thanks for the kind words. I personally know you are a very competent graphic artist yourself so your words really mean alot to me.

    CiNEZiLLA/Jason also has a highly recommended blog on genre films which you can read here:

  3. Jason,

    Thank you very much! It is great to hear from a fellow artist and your compliments are appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you again once we have more to show!

  4. Is the red blu-ray case going to be constant for all you releases?

    I wasn't sure of it at first and I have no idea what other films you're going to be releasing but I think it seems to work well with this type of film...what ever this type is.

    I know it's not that important but I do like a collection of films to look like a collection of films with the same company branding on the case.

    That lovely "1" on the spine of the case is going to be an absolute killer for people who start collecting your films as I know personally what it's like to have a few gaps on your shelf waiting for the ones that you missed out on.

    Any more news on when this is being released?

  5. Hi There.

    Cant wait for this release, and looking forward for later releases, i will surely keep an eye out for them.

    When will Alien 2 be released ?, and when is it available for preorder.

    Greetings from Denmark

  6. I've never seen an original poster from this film, but if there is ever any artwork you need for future releases, check my blog - my entire Italian poster collection is represented there, and I'd be glad to help you out w/ scans/imagery for your releases.