Thursday, October 21, 2010

Listening To The Fanbase

 If you'd read one of our initial posts here, we mentioned that we really wanted customer/fan feedback considering all aspects of the collection. The first evidence of this has materialized in the case color controversy.

You may have seen this on some of the forums, but we got an overwhelming response in opposition to the red case color. Many people insisted that the cases we use need to retain the conformity between all releases. Furthermore, many retail stores were having the problem with the association with HD-DVD and were concerned that many customers would automatically be confused. I like to think most are more in tune, but what do I know. The bottom line is that we are very much trying to accommodate everyone in an attempt to create this label with your assistance.

Please know that this is an easy fix, and certainly one that will have NO effect on the release date. Finally, to all the people who were looking forward to those AWESOME red cases, know that I am right there with you; It really would have been a great thing.

Hopefully, the lack of special packaging will not overshadow the fact that we are trying to deliver a special product.


  1. Maybe do a limited amount in red? a mailorder only version? either way, I'm buying it.

  2. Red looks pretty cool and artistically speaking probably made more sense, but I totally understand the change to blue. It's better to avoid confusion. Regardless of the color of the case, I'll be picking it up when it gets released.

  3. fuck. off.

    go the red case. who the hell decides what is the "acceptable standard" of YOUR product?

    hope everyone who said "change the product to blue" goes home and self flagellates into unconsciousness. pfffft. conformist tools of the state....

  4. actually, fuck it.

    i point blank refuse to buy a "non-red" package version of the product.

    unless i get me an AWESOME and fully KICK ASS red cover copy... i'll go out and hunt down a dirty old VHS copy instead!!!

    how's THAT for fanbase voice?

    stick to your guns guys. no-one ever made it big by playing "safe".....

  5. What the hell!

    Doesn't anyone know that bluray's are in a a smaller case? There's a size differance that should let "customers" know that it's the bluray... and anyways, If I put money on a bluray player, wouldn't I be smart enough to look for bluray titles...

    Go with red. It's part of the original design, and if we need blue boxes to tell us what's what, then there's some serious dumbasses out there.

    Sure standards are standards, but uniqueness comes from thinking outside the fucking box...
    I'm quite certain that this is a "designated title" that you will pick up on purpose, and not just randomly.

    Go red, screw the conformists. Do I want my blurays to be the center of attention or my midnightlegacy collection. I'm sure nobody bitched at ShamelessFilms when they went all yellow for their releases...

  6. Guys, we have decided to create a slipcover which will be a template for all our future titles. This will indeed represent our original intention with the red case. This way, me, you, and a few others can enjoy it, and all the people who would rather have blue, can throw it in the trash. We'll add the slip image in the next few days.

    It's a compromise I can live with, what do you think?

  7. Dolph, I think that's a pretty good idea. It's impossible to satisfy everyone. I personally like the red case a lot better, but if it is going to be at the expense of a lot of potential buyers of the blu ray, I completely understand your position on the matter.

  8. I was really looking forward to the red case. It's a signature, just like Troma who have green cases. I will be buying this regardless but really think the red case was a top idea.

  9. It's your product, not some whiny bitches out there... stick with the red one, it looked great!

  10. Dolph and I talked this over at length yesterday regarding the slip covers and both of us agreed and made the decision that this was the only way to go. We had to make it happen right out of the gate. People that wanted the standard blue case will get it and the original design will be provided with a slip cover case.

  11. At the very most you should have put the case in a BLUE slipcase and left the plastic red... To say you've killed a little of my enthusiasm for this release would be an understatement. Good job.

  12. Never mind the bollocks.. It's the movie we want. Red, Blue or Pink, it's the content that counts. Original Red on a slipcase and Blue box works fine for me, as long as the movie is in there. :)

  13. I say don't even worry about a slipcover if it means saving some money to put into the movies. Just point us to a good red case dealer and we can get our own cases, if we want the red "blu" cases.

  14. You can now see the slip cover case on the main page of our website:

    Excellent work by Chris!

  15. Bill, that looks absolutely fantastic! Nicely done and it's great that this compromise might satisfy everyone.

  16. I dont care what colour the case is, and it's funny that people whine about it, as long we get great rare movie releases, i'm more than happy.

    You are doing a great job there.

  17. Two thumbs up guys. It looks great!

  18. Book, cover... what was the rest? Something to do with judging?

    Why are people b*tching over a case? Surely it's the FILM that should have you all excited?

    Regardless of the colour of the case, it's amazing to see this film getting a HD release at all! Well done to all involved, you have balls!