Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Slipcover and Blu-Ray cover

Here are the final shots of the Slipcover and Blu-Ray cover:


  1. ok. i'll deal.

    slipcase is a fair compromise.

    altho if you ARE putting a few out with the original red cover, lemme know...


  2. Looking good!

    Now for some screenshots from the movie! :D

  3. The colour isn't important but the weak will and lack of strength to stand for what you believe is correct certainly is.

    The slipcase doesn't really improve things and increases the amount of wasteful packaging. There are films I've not bought because of this type of excessive packaging, I'm unsure what to do with this one now.

    Such a shame, you've not yet released any blu-rays and you're already following conformist commercial ideals. Ah well, I'll look forward to your first “creative re-imagining” of a film with the inclusion of some sort of BD-J based game.

  4. LOL!!!

    conformist commercial ideals? And I thought that the point of releasing something was to sell as much as possible? Ah well, thats just stupid little me.