Friday, November 12, 2010

The First Review

Our first review has appeared at Digital Bits:

Enjoy, and we apologize for the delay.


  1. Great! But it was a boring review, it seem like the person watching the movie didn't have a clue about its origin or history as a much wanted movie... They could have included some screenshots too.

    Wait until I get my hands on the blu-ray... :)

  2. Second that. Boring, lame and completely missed the point. I'm gonna stop there.

    Rare title - Great fucking movie, because it delivers... if you don't see in what way then too bad.

    Whatever, I'm not gonna get into that here either.

    Looking forward to it even more now because I have a point to prove.

    Keep up the GREAT work guys!

  3. I appreciate where you guys are coming from, but I wanted to make a few points to address some of the issues. I'm more than happy with the review as it covers the major points of any label getting off the ground.

    Digital Bits never does screenshots for the reviews they do, so it's not fair to have expected them to do so here. Also, if people out there don't love the movie, so be it, and they should be able to assess it any way they choose. I'm sure other reviews will come up that put much more focus on the actual film itself.

    The bottom line is that the technical portion of the review is what many people really wanted to see. We all love this film, so it came down to the matter of whether our spec sheet was a sales pitch, or the true standards we set for this and every other forthcoming title.

    Eagerly awaiting your review Ninja, and please send me the link for us to post here once done.

  4. As long as the news are heard :)

    When is it gonna be up on amazon or on other shops? I need to make my pre-order as soon as possible, this is a movie I just can't wait to see again! :)

  5. There is a pre-order here (the only place I've seen it for sale so far):

  6. That is correct Gary.

    We will post the links to all available sites which you can order the Blu-Ray from soon.

    We are also working on better distribution so that it is available at many more locations.

  7. This is certainly going to be a very interesting release and it looks as though a great deal of care and attention has gone into it behind the scenes. We will be doing an in depth review on our Blu Review Obscura site as our reviews specialise in the less mainstream titles, so this film fits into that category perfectly.

  8. Do you know if it's selling on any U.K. websites?

  9. Yeah, can you pre-order it from the UK?

    PS. Will each piece be individually numbered??