Friday, February 11, 2011

The Alien 2: On Earth DVD has been finalized & Constant Bitrate encodes

The final version DVD has been issued, checked, and approved. The progressive encode, for both the film and the effects outtakes, sourced from a 480P down conversion of our HD SR master, carry an average bitrate of 8 MPS, and look fantastic! We have also successfully concluded tests indicating that all future Blu-Ray and DVD titles will carry maximum constant bitrates to ensure the highest quality and maximum master transparency is being delivered to all end users, regardless of format. We can't wait for everyone to get this in hand and see for themselves.


  1. I am stoked for the Blu-Ray release!!

  2. Review copies were sent out.
    We are looking forward to the reviews this release receives!

  3. Well from the reviews I have read from the initial release I dont think you guys have anything to worry about. Truly excited for this and future releases

  4. I put this on your Facebook page but felt it appropriate to put on here too:
    By May of 1997 at the age of 15 I was already a fan of horror having enjoyed reading Clive Barker and HP Lovecraft for reading assignments but I craved more. So I purchased Fangoria #162 not only did this issue introduce me to Argento and Fulci but had introduced me to a little company called Midnight Video who was selling their "Collectors Catalogue #18" for just $3! This catalogue with that issue of Fangoria became my bible and have become the 2 defining materials in the formation of my teen years and adulthood. Prior to the internet all we had was Fangoria and word of mouth.The Catalogue with its excellent descriptions to films by D'Amato, Fulci, Argento, Deodato, and Lamberto Bava not to mention the excellent photos of lobby cards and theatrical posters quickly educated me on what became not a part of my life but who I became as a whole. I studied this catalogue and could easily school anyone about Italian Horror, Exploitation films, and the like by the end of my 16th year. To this I want to thank you guys! I still have that catalogue and for the amount of use it had garnered over the years it still looks pretty damn good!