Friday, May 13, 2011

Media Blasters Buio Omega is CUT!!! (Part 1)

In addition to it not being sourced from the negative, and also that there are pal speed-up issues with the audio, and in double addition to the the MAJOR clipping issues with the audio, on top of the the audio skips, flubs, and other hiccups (it's called QC), on top of the RIDICULOUS pillar boxing of the intro which is incorrectly titled Beyond the Darkness, the BD, when compared to their OWN DVD included in the same package, is cut!!!

Have I mentioned that I'm 5 minutes into the movie?

At 5:15, about 25 seconds are missing as Frank opens the garage, gets back in the car, drives in, and carry's the box containing the monkey.

I will follow up tomorrow, but this already is destined for the trashcan! A sub-par release, poor non-negative sourced transfer, audio issues on every front, drastically cut (again, I'm 5 minutes in), and a year's worth of delays.

Yeah, Media Blasters is determined to deliver "the highest quality releases"! How you put the BD in the same package with the DVD and don't bother to compare them sums it all up. Will post a follow-up with anymore relevant info once finished.