Saturday, July 23, 2011


Posted this in response to questions on the forums, and thought it relevant here as well.

First off, the plan does not, in ANY shape or form, involve MOD, as in my opinion, it frankly sucks! Secondly, quality will actually be improved, and certainly not sacrificed, as we are eliminating the HD-SR step and moving to exact copy DI files onto a hard drive to eliminate any (and yes, there was a slight difference between the raw DI files and the HD-SR master we created) actual transparency. Also look for the constant bitrate encodes I mentioned a few months ago!

Third, I am currently in Rome, actively seeking the "located" negatives for our next title. It was not where they were supposed to be, so I flew over to help locate them and supervise the transfer as per Alien 2.
This becomes an all too common event, and as we previously stated, this is the main reason we are not announcing titles. Until I see it firsthand, we're not ready to discuss it.

Just be patient and the new plan and title will be coming soon.

Thanks for the continued support, and I'm sure most will be thrilled with the increased output, and what the future holds.